Education is power, and is one of the greatest tools available for initiating positive change in the human mind.

The Fund My Education Initiative was set up in order to avail Nigerian youths of this gateway to power and help eliminate economic poverty as well as poverty of the mind. The focus of the organization is ensuring that young men and women already in higher education, whose education is in danger of discontinuation due to financial difficulty, can continue their education and see it to completion. In addition, financial assistance is provided for WAEC, NECO and JAMB registration for promising potential candidates who may otherwise be unable to afford them.

Accountability is a top priority. The beneficiaries of Fund My Education Initiative are fully profiled and documented, allowing us to track them and ensure that they remain in school and complete schooling within the allotted time.

It is our belief that with your support and the support of others of like mind, we will enable a significant number of Nigerian students to complete the academic journey they already began, and prevent the effort and finances already expended from being in vain, if and when their source of sponsorship dries up.